Welcome to the Wildwood Interactive forum, a new way to share information and opinions in our community.   This is set up for our members to discuss and express opinions about issues, trends and events in our community. The spirit of this communication vehicle is to improve Lake Wildwood as a place to live, play and work. We look for straight forward discussions without personal attacks. We encourage suggestions, ideas, and respectful critiques, or constructive criticism. The fourm will be moderated to enable a respectful discourse. See our moderation policies under the MODERATION tab.  Also, we have some cool features like the ability to take polls and surveys, send alerts on specific subjects and more.

How to get Started…

To get started go to the HOME tab to see the latest posts, comments and issues.   To make a comment on any post or issue, just select the “Comment” link under the post.  All posts are organized in categories.  You can see all the posts in a specific category by selecting the category in the right hand column.  To participate in a survey, go to the SURVEY tab.  Here you will find results for completed surveys as well as active ones.

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