Moderation Policy

Moderators: Wildwood Interactive is moderated by volunteers from the community.  The primary role of the moderator is to enforce the following moderation policies.    Moderators may post factual information or thought provoking questions, but not opinions.  As a partcipant, moderators can provide opinions in editorial posts and comments and will identify themselves.

Process and Types of Posts: There are two types of postings, Discussion Initiator Posts which are designed to provide factual information and questions to spur a discussion from a moderator.  The second is an Editorial Post which much like a letter to the editor in TWI, provides a thought provoking opinion by a partcipant, which is also intended to drive comments.

All posts and comments on the Forum are moderated before they appear on the site, and this takes time. We appreciate your patience and ask that you refrain from posting the same comment repeatedly.

When posting a  comment, please be respectful and follow the following the Forum policy:

In order to promote an open and transparent conversation, the Forum moderates comments on all posts.

Our moderators publish appropriate comments and delete inappropriate comments. We also invite our community members to flag inappropriate comments.  If a comment is deemed in voliation of the policy, the moderator will try to contact the author to suggest changes.

In general, the best way to determine whether a comment is appropriate is simple. Ask first whether it’s inappropriate. Ask whether it violates any of the guidelines outlined here.

Wildwood Interactive Moderation Policies:

(1)  Wildwood Interactive welcomes all residents to a place where we can connect, discuss, share ideas, and debate issues of importance to our community.  All participants are treated equally.

(2)  Personal privacy will be respected.  Comments must identify the author by name, like a letter to the editor in a publication.

(3)  We ask that all posts be focused on ideas, policies, and practices, not personal criticisms.  Please stay on the posted topic with your comments or start a new topic of your own.

(3)  We are committed to maintaining a non-toxic atmosphere where profanity, hate speech, or speech that advocates or supports hatred or unlawful violence is not tolerated.

(4)  Speech that is solely intended to provoke other users, to cause disorder or confusion, or to inhibit regular, on-topic conversation is unacceptable.

(5)  Spam – the posting of a single comment multiple times within one thread or on multiple threads – and comments containing business solicitations or other advertising of personal interests, blogs, or websites will not be allowed.

(6)  All postings will be moderated to maintain a respectful decorum.

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