Raquet Sports Facilities Use

Submitted by Mike Doscher

The tennis community is a small but vital part of LWA culture.  Pickle Ball has become the new entrant to the racquet/paddle activities and they are also a small but growing part of the culture.  These two groups squared off with each other again in front of the Board vying for support of their particular interest group.  Tennis is the first born and Pickle Ball is the new child in the family.  There is bound to be some fighting over the toys and it has gone on for about four years.  The two sides were arguing noise issues and I thought if this continues maybe we should eliminate tennis and pickle ball (take all the toys away).  One speaker again opined that the tennis courts were “owned” by the tennis club.  Wrong, it is common property we just let you use it.  After the meeting it occurred to me that they were really fighting over our money and space and I don’t play either sport.  The Board decision becomes clear if you view the question from the position of closely watching how we use our assessments (LWA taxes) and common property, while ignoring the emotions of the two sides.

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