About This Forum

  An Open Unbiased Interactive Forum

Purpose:  This site was created to provide Lake Wildwood residents with an effective way to engage in discussions within an unbiased open forum.   It was created by community members who were looking for a way to exchange information and opinions beyond the traditional “requirement of attending a Board Meeting” or waiting for a TWI publication.   This interactive and timely forum is not  controlled or sponsored by the Lake Wildwood Association.   All Lake Wildwood residents are invited to participate.

The spirit this forum is to improve Lake Wildwood as a place to live, play, and work through education, enhanced communication, and the sharing of opinions on issues, trends and events that support a vibrant community.

Objective:  The Objective of Wildwood Interative is to expand community partcipation in discussions that are relevant and important to the residents and owners of our community.   This expanded participation is intended to assist our elected Board Members, Committees and Administration with  information that better represents the broader community.


  • To build a community that’s populated by engaged, informed, and mutually supportive respectful residents.
  • To make life more enjoyable and fulfilling by substantially broadening the level of resident participation in order to generate a shared vision of what’s wanted and needed from the Association.
  • To realize our shared vision through the implementation of a Master Plan that’s consistent with our core values and responsive to the needs and priorities of our community.
  • To seek the highest and best use of Association assets.
  • To ensure our ability to repair, improve, or replace our major amenities as they become functionally obsolete by maintain appropriate funding methodologies.
  • To promote action-oriented, fact-based, decision-making by our Board of Directors through orderly governance processes that are supported by the effective use of our volunteer committees and administrative staff.
  • To encourage timely measurement of our decision-making processes and management performance in order to promote efficient and responsive operations.
  • To maintain the quality of life sought by Lake Wildwood residents through periodic reviews of our governing documents to ensure they remain appropriate and enforceable.

The forum will be moderated to ensure respectful discourse. It will focus on ideas, policies, and practices, not personal criticisms.

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