Wildwood Interactive temporarily inactive


Thank you for your support for the Open Blog site Wildwood Interactive.  I created this site over 8 years ago to provide an open communication place for members to post their opinions through articles on the site.  With my appointment to the Lake Wildwood Board of Directors (BOD), it is no longer appropriate for me to operated this site.   I am a big believer in open communication in our community, and in fact will be working as a member of the board to improve its communication to our community.    I believe that some of the issues with “transparency” more likely have to do with lack of modern communication approaches by the BOD.   Up until now almost all of the Board communication was only at the Board meetings, which only a small portion of our members attend, e-Bits (where it is mashed in with lots of other news), or the TWI, which if it gets thrown out you miss.

In reality most Board agenda items are discussed and debated among members in the meetings.  We just are not there to see it.  What I hope to do is to bring our communication into the 21st century by creating a vehicle such as a Board blog where we as directors can provide information through articles on agenda items, and even provide two sides to each issue if required.  Then make the articles public, and allow comments from the community.  What this will do I hope is to provide access to accurate information, and spawn “constructive” feedback from the community.    The great thing about it, is that it is a destination you can always find and it never gets thrown away.

Thank you for your support,

Darrell Trimble

Skipper Ct

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