Going Unarmed, The Stonegate Security Plan

Going Unarmed, LWW as of 3/21/2016

LWW Stonegate Protection Team,

Effective Monday, March 21, 2016, all shiftwork will be unarmed. Understandably, this change impacts our Patrol Officers. Until we create a safe and consistent procedure for traffic stops (beyond drawing on previous experience in Law Enforcement) we will use our marked vehicles with active patrolling as a deterrent, combined with our usage of the PA system to kindly articulate speed warnings to drivers (“Please slow down, excess speed. Courtesy Reminder (repeat if needed)”). This means that effective March 21, traffic stops will NOT be conducted until further notice. Less than lethal tools may continue to be carried at work if your BSIS training is current, but please understand that firearms are not permitted while working at LWW under any circumstances beginning March 21, 2016.

The aforementioned, combined with an “Observe and Report” philosophy where we increase our safe distance from threats, utilize the Nevada County Sheriff when potentially exigent circumstances arise (as currently done), and put our heads together as a team to enforce traffic through creative means, we will successfully enforce traffic across the 32 miles of roadway we are responsible for.

Shortly, we will be crafting a ghost car program where we strategically place unused security vehicles throughout the community, safely away from the roadway, but visible to mitigate speeding. We will do security checks on these vehicles as well. Hang tough for now and I am truly looking forward to being safe and forward-thinking about the challenges we face as an Organization.

ln your service,

Benjamin McNulty




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