Please authorize the General Manager to permit residents to walk leashed and registered dogs on our parks and beaches to help control the goose population, enhance the cleanliness and safety of those areas, and further the safety and well being of dog owners.

Dog Club Parade

The Board adopted RULE R-10.40.10 to create a Goose Control Program for purposes of improving safety and sanitation in our parks and on the golf course.  The Rule stipulates that, “Animals shall not be allowed on the golf course, parks or beaches, tennis courts or inside any Association building unless approved by the General Manager with the intent of making these facilities more user friendly.”

The Lake Wildwood Dog Club, which advocates for the interests of resident dog owners, has determined that an expanded dog presence in our parks could significantly enhance the goose control program while also adding to the safety and well-being of owners who now walk their pets on busy Association streets.

The Dog Club asks the Board to expand application of RULE R-10.40.10 to allow leashed dogs in all Lake Wildwood parks on the following conditions:

  1. Dogs must be registered with the Association.  Each registered dog will be identified by a small bell that   will also serve as a warning to geese that dogs are near.
  2. The Dog Club will assist the Association with registrations. The Association will need to charge a nominal fee for dog registration, which will be used to defray the cost of bells, sanitation supplies, and equipment.
  3. When registering their dogs, owners will be provided with verbal and written instructions regarding leash requirements, clean-up rules, necessary vaccinations, and County licensing requirements.

Allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of our parks with their pets will certainly enhance the dog-friendly reputation of our community and make it more attractive to current residents and prospective buyers who own dogs.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign the petition right now  by clicking here.

If you do sign the petition, you will receive an E-mailable message that you can forward to other LWW dog owners.  Please make an effort to recruit as many supporters for this initiative as possible.


Lake Wildwood Dog Club


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