Allow Dogs on Leashes in Parks

Submitted by  John Field, Waxwing Court

Comment or suggestion: We are new permanent residents within the past two months to LWW. Originally, we bought property here in the last seventies, but did not build or reside here at that time, only vacationed. I am appreciative of the time and interest spent by the governing boards since I experienced a position with a HA in Southern California many years ago.
There is one regulation in LWW that I would like to see amended…It is that of dog restrictions at our parks. I have never seen a park anywhere else in the United States where dogs weren’t allowed on a leash with their owner. I do believe a strong leash law should be in force and bags for waste available in all the parks. I would even suggest that our dogs be licensed in LWW for a fee to help offset the cost of waste dispensers, liabilities, etc.
There are many of us here that regard our pets as family members and find that without being able to bring them with us to simple park outings puts many social restrictions on us.
I ask that you consider my position and invite you to discuss this matter with me if desired.

Thank you,
John Field


22 thoughts on “Allow Dogs on Leashes in Parks

  1. We move into LWW in 3 weeks and love the thought of no dogs in the parks – but i would vote for a dog park as that seems reasonable. Here in Corte Madera Dogs are not allowed in parks (state law also requires all dogs to be on a leash outside their home), but locals have disregard this law as its not enforced. There is dog sh*t all over and we don’t picnic in the parks anymore as the baby walked in it and we have had other exposures like it was in the soccer pitch goal line directly under posts just before kickoff etc.

    there should be lines drawn protecting dog walkers, parents with strollers and cyclists showing the minimum distance car clearance is required.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regard dog poo as toxic waste. Even when owners ‘pick it up’ between 50 and 10 percent remains on/in the grass depending on the viscosity of the poo. it is nastier than wild animal waste, it can carry the following nasties


    Both my girls are allergic to dogs and freak out when they see them. My best friends son aged 3 was attacked in the park by a women who said ‘my dog is friendly – he won’t bite’ second before the dogs mandible sunk into the boys skalp. 18 stitches were required, luckily it was not his face and his hair now covers the scars. There was an attack 3 months ago where a dog broke free of its leash! so we have had 5 attacks in 5 years, these typically target children. here are a few stats:


    Each day, about 1,000 United States citizens require emergency care treatment for dog bite injury.
    An estimated 4.7 million dog bites occur in the U.S. each year and nearly 800,000 dog bites require medical care.
    Approximately 92% of fatal dog attacks involved male dogs, 94% of which were not neutered.
    Approximately 25% of fatal dog attacks involved chained dogs.
    Approximately 71% of dog bites occur to the extremities such as the arms, legs, hands, and feet.
    Approximately two-thirds of bites occurred on or near the victim’s property, and most victims knew the dog.
    Insurance companies pay more than $1 billion in dog bite claims each year.
    The U.S. Postal Service tracks dog bites against carriers and typically reports around 3,000 incidences annually.
    States that have the “one free bite” law include: Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Vermont.


    The Center of Disease Control and Prevention estimates half of all children 12 years-of-age and under have been bitten by a dog. In many cases, teasing or an unintentional provocation, such as approaching a dog while it’s eating or sleeping, can lead to a dog bite or even worse, an attack.
    79% of fatal dog attacks are on children.
    Over 87% of dog bite fatalities involving children occurred when the child was left unsupervised with a dog or the child wandered off to the location of the dog.
    Unsupervised newborns were 370 times more likely than an adult to be killed by a dog.
    82 % of dog bites treated in the emergency room involved children under 15 years old.
    Bite rates are dramatically higher among children who are 5 to 9 years old.
    65% of bites occur in children to the head and neck.
    Boys under the age of 15 years old are bitten more often than girls of the same age.
    Children under the age of 14 are at heightened risk for dog bite injuries. Whether this is because their size makes it difficult for them to fend off dogs or whether young kids tend to be more rambunctious around dogs is a matter of debate.

    for the record – I had a dog as a boy and loved ‘rex’ a border terrier- but now at a different stage of life I worry about kids safety. I also ride motorbikes, but hate their noise and won’t sign any bike petition for them at LWW unless its one for the new generation of zero noise electric motorbikes.

  2. We have completed filling out the survey. There is an opportunity in a couple of different places to emphasize(write in)our preference for a leash law in our parks. Those items are # 13 and #31.

    • John,
      That is a great idea! Dog owners unite! When filling out the survey as John mentioned,
      indicate your desire to have a dog park and at least one park on each side of the lake where dogs
      are allowed on leashes!

  3. We would highly support any efforts to open a park or two for dogs within certain time constraints or even better a dedicated dog park. I am tired of being pushed off the side of the road by speeding cars when I walk our pooch. Though it is extreme, some RV parks require that dog owners visibly display a poop bag/container when walking their dogs. One would hope people are responsible enough to pick up their dog waste, especially if there is a fenced area with poop bags. It’s pretty disgusting seeing all the waste along the road from irresponsible dog owners. We use the parks very little these days since we would have to leave our dog home or with a sitter. Can’t walk on the golf course path either. So much beautiful area is restricted if you want to be with a dog. An online petition would at least help assess the level of support. Can it done through this forum?

  4. I am also in agreement that dogs on leashes be allowed in our parks. I would definitely sign a petition to have these rules changed. I don’t own a dog or plan to but enjoy others immensely when they are leashed.

    • Not sure where we go with this but I would like to start a petition asking for the right to walk our dogs, on leashes, between 8-10 am each day in at least one park on the north side, and one park on the south side. I would also ask for permission to build a dog park in the grass area,
      on the east side of the swimming pool parking lot. That grass area is never used and could be
      easily fenced for a large and small dog area. We probably need volunteers to police the area.
      other thoughts please.
      Dick Kramer

      • There are many positive ideas emerging from this topic. It seems that a petition is the most popular approach so far. As for limiting the times and which parks we could utilize a proposed leash law, I would prefer to submit a blanket plan across the board and see what comes of it. In other words, no restrictions on time or places to begin with. What fits ones schedule doesn’t necessarily fit another, etc.
        A dog park in LWW sure seems like another very good idea.
        How to most effectively orchestrate a petition remains a puzzle in my mind because I don’t know LWA politics. Would you(or anyone else) care to set up a meeting over coffee sometime soon?
        John Field

  5. I wholeheartedly support changing the regulation regarding no dogs in Lake Wildwood parks. There are many dog owners in this community (including myself) who are limited to walking their dogs on the street or driving to Gateway Park for a walk in a natural setting utilize the off-leash dog park.

    I do not want an unleashed sandy, wet dog running over my beach towel or jumping on children while enjoying a Lake Wildwood day at the beach. But I do believe responsible dog owners who keep their dogs on a leash should be able to utilize the beach with their family pet. At the very least, all Lake Wildwood parks should be open to dogs on leashes until 10 a..m. and in the evening hours. An off leash dog park would be wonderful, too, as homeowners with a dog in the Lake Wildwood community are not able to open the back door and let their pet run around a fenced-in backyard.

    I did not own a dog when we moved here, but now have a puppy and I am feeling the impact of the unfriendly-to-dogs regulations in this community

  6. I agree that some rules should be changed or amended to reflect current times. I would put dogs on leash access the parks in that category Yes there will always be some irresponsible dog owners but the vast majority are not and it would be no more ( or maybe less) of a negative impact to non dog owners that the occasional dropping left at their front yard.

  7. I firmly insist that dogs on leash be allowed in the parks. Rules like this need to be abolished and the sooner the better..All the dog walkers that go by my house always pick up after their animals..

  8. As a dog owner I would welcome an opportunity to walk our dog on something other than concrete. Nine months of the year and most mornings before noon in the summer time there is no one in the parks. Wouldn’t it be possible to have one park on each side of the lake available to walk your dog, without a leach, before say 10am each day. I am convinced that those using the park would pick up after their dogs and maybe help out with the goose shit as well. Maybe we dog owners need to start a petition.

    • Perhaps a petition would be a way to go. What kind of track records do petitions have here? What would it take to amend a rule in terms of percentage or signatures? How do we bring it up for a vote?
      Careful thought would need to be given to what we are petitioning for. All parks, one or two parks, a dedicated dog park, etc. I would personally favor all parks since we are paying for all of them!

    • Geez, Dick. It’s called scat, excrement, defecation, fecal matter, poop, poo-poo, boom-boom, but SHIT! That’s what the illegal migrants aka Canada Goose, the sacred deer and turkey, and all the other protected wildlife deposit wherever it is their pleasure to do so. I would never take a toddler or young child to our parks. They are like filthy shit-fields. I agree with a petition to charge the LWW rules about dogs. Why can’t there be fenced areas in several of our parks just for dogs. I’m not keen on the idea of mixing dogs with children or adults. That requires close supervision of not only the dog but of the human people. The dog area(s) don’t have to be large but it would be so wonderful for our dog-pets to play on grass. Uslng the Gateway Dog Park, while a good effort, is like taking your pet to a gravel pit. Off-leash, safe, meeting other dogs, running around like dogs are supposed to, that’s a dog’s idea of Heaven, and yes, we will pick up after or pets. Do I hear a petition!

  9. Oh yes, Dogs should be allowed in parks on leash…I don’t have a dog anymore but I love them and think they are so important for our good health and happy lives…I vote for dogs in the parks….Lake Wildwood, this is the 2000’s. You need to get with it…

  10. I love dogs but I am totally opposed to allowing dogs in our parks. Too many owners do not pick up the waste on our roads or green spaces and they would not pick up the waste in our parks either. Some kids are afraid of dogs and some people are allergic to dogs. Our parks should not have dogs in them under any circumstances or at any time.

    • They should at least have one park for dogs. Rules like this are ridiculous and its outdated views like this that is keeping younger people (under 80) from buying in this community. Reply by Darrell Trimble Skipper Ct.

  11. fit s in with the out dated motorcycle restrictions I guess. all the wild animals and birds can poop in our parks but dogs that will be picked up after can’t go figure!!!

  12. I agree with John regarding dogs on leash in the parks. I think many of the regulations established many years ago should be looked at again. Another item I would like to bring up is the rule that only 2 people can ride on rafts pulled by boats. The rafts are now larger and safer and designed to be ridden by 3 or 4 people. Times have changed, just a thought.

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