Candidate Statement: Paul Towne

I would like to summarize my positions as a candidate for the Lake Wildwood Board of Directors.
•    Clubhouse: Certainly something must be done. Repair, replace or remodel – it all comes down to what best will serve our community, not just for now, but for many years in the future. We, as a community, need to study a variety of options and scenarios. This decision will affect our community for decades in the future. There is no need to rush this project.
•    Long Term Capital Improvement Fund: The Clubhouse is not the only amenity that needs major improvements Everything on this wish list would make our community a better place to live, not only for today’s residents, but also tomorrow’s. We need to find a way to finance these improvements without putting the burden solely on our current residents, but also shared by future residents.
o    The irrigation system on the golf course in need of major repair or replacement. Cost for this project has been estimated at 1.5 million.
o    Sections of the Voight ranch are rumored to be up for sale in the near future.
o    Pickle ball needs a permanent home.
o    Meadow Park upgrade
o    Fitness/Wellness Center
o    Secure parking structure for the community’s motor cycle riders.
o    How about an indoor lap/exercise pool?
We need to establish a long term capital improvement fund!
•    Full Service Restaurant: Our current operation is costing our members over $200,000 a year! If we were to close the restaurant today, in five years we would have more than enough money to fund a pickle ball facility, the Meadow Park upgrade and a structure for our motor cyclist. Certainly our members need a place to purchase a good, wholesome meal, but do we need something that is as labor extensive as a full service restaurant? This discussion must go hand in hand with our clubhouse project!
•    Marketing: The largest generation in this countries history is about to retire! Lake Wildwood offers the finest amenities and living environment in the country. We need to get the word out! There is a limited supply of homes in Lake Wildwood, so increase demand will mean increased home values. New members with fresh ideas can only make our community a better place to live…for everyone!

Lake Wildwood is a community with members who have a variety of special interest. It is the sum of our parts that make this a wonderful place to live. I plan on representing everyone equally. As a member of the board I believe we must represent not only the Lake Wildwood of today, but of tomorrow. It is time for our community’s leaders to be proactive, rather than reactive! If you believe as I do, than I would appreciate your vote!!!

Paul Towne


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