New Clubhouse plus? Express your opinions

On November 13, 2012 the LWW Board held a discussion about the future of our clubhouse.  From that the  Board is moving ahead with funding a conceptual design.  In the January 17th eBits the following was published.   The entire project is estimated to cost us $5-$6 million.  Please review and express your opinion by providing comments.


Discussed at the November 13, 2012 Board Meeting

Scope of Work: (1) Build a new, single story, 15,000 square foot Clubhouse in the flat area between the original Clubhouse and the 1st tee using land now occupied by the putting green, Pro Shop and golf cart barn. Provide for 60 parking spaces for a combination of cars (including an adequate number of handicap spaces) and golf carts at the same level as the new Clubhouse.

(2) Build a new, 1,000 square foot Pro Shop in an area nearer to the 1st tee.

(3) Relocate the putting green to an area nearer to the 1st tee.

(4) Relocate the golf barn, if necessary.

(5) Build a new, single story 3,000 square foot Administrative Building

near the corner of Cottontail Way and Lake Wildwood Drive.

Timeline: (1) Have an architectural conceptual design with mock-up by June, 2013

(2) Develop a pro forma budget that utilizes reserves, CI/SA, operational efficiencies and additional sources of revenues by April, 2013

(3) Develop a funding plan that pays off any debts by 2020 by April, 2013

(4) Complete construction by 2015


Requirements: (1) Energy-efficient, low-maintenance, “green”, high-tech design and materials.

(2) Optimum flow of people, services and supplies

(3) Restaurant 25% larger than current Pine Room with adjustable portioning with associated deck and cocktail lounge.

(4) Sports Bar 50% larger than current Bar with associated outside deck.

(5) Modern kitchen with a capacity to serve up to 4,000 meals per month including food for Sports Bar.

(6) Main function room 30% larger than Cedar Room with an attached green room for storing of theater stage, props, etc.

(7) Game room for playing cards, board games, etc. and occasional meetings

(8) Conference room with soundproof dividers

(9) Adequate bathrooms for large functions

7 thoughts on “New Clubhouse plus? Express your opinions

  1. From Jim Pack

    I have read the Engineering report on the Clubhouse and the following are some thoughts. There are two problems with the existing building, one is access and the other structural.
    If we are going to tear down the golf building and the putting green and the cart barn, why not turn that into a parking lot? How is the slope of the existing clubhouse location going to become level parking?
    The clubhouse has structural problems that can be fixed for much less than probably a tear down and haul away. Do we need all the proposed excess footage for little theater for a hand full of days of the year?

  2. I took the Clubhouse tour today and it is obvious there are community needs. Those needs should have been addressed when the COMMUNITY CENTER was constructed. The Clubhouse itself is structurally sound and needs some repair, but there is no reason to tear it down and start over. The cost of such a tear down and rebuild would be excessively expensive. I would like to offer an alternative proposal.

    Leave the Clubhouse as is! Convert the Cedar Room into office and storage space. Move the administrative staff (except the front desk staff) to the Cedar Room. This will create storage space and allow the relocation of all records currently stored in the dungeon. It will also give our staff a better work environment.

    Close the clubhouse restaurant! The clubhouse restaurant has been a millstone around the neck of this community for more than a decade. I was told at the tour that the current subsidy is around $200,000! I propose we open a grill that would offer our golfing community/residents the ability to purchase simple breakfast and lunch items. The food should be delivered “fast food” style. All bar supplies should be moved from the dungeon to the main level. These changes would allow a reduction in clubhouse staff and the resulting savings.

    This may sound a little silly, but we need to remodel the Community Center! The Oak Room and the level below it needs to be pushed out as far towards the parking area as possible. Although I haven’t taken any measurements, I believe it will at least double the size of the Oak Room. The room would need to be reconfigured, but I believe it would have the capability to have a stage and be the main banquet/meeting room. All special events could be catered. The expanded first floor would have an area for a fitness center. I believe the above proposals would fit the community’s needs at a far less cost than all previous suggestions.

    Paul Towne

  3. From Darrell Trimble
    I think we need a new clubhouse, and support moving forward, but the approach I am seeing suggested by the Board is like the movie “Field of Dreams” – “If we build it they will come”. There is no justification in expanding the dining facilities by 30% unless a new business model is provided which shows how business will increase to match the investment. Also, I see no review of Community Center utilization in this plan. I know there are groups asking for space to be provided in a new club house, but couldn’t that be addressed also by our greatly underutilized Community Center?

    The only way I can see to generate enough demand for golf and expanded dining is to open memberships up to the outside community much like many country clubs do in a gated community. Without that, this concept will only result in costing all of us alot of $$$$ and another building underutilized.

    Lets see some other concepts put forward before we spend thousands on designs and studies. Perhaps keeping it the same size, with a sport bar and grille concept, at hopefully much less cost.

    • Putting up a new Club House is absurd. The restaurant is poor to begin with. Why put in so much money for it to still be poor but on a much larger scale?? THe golf facilities are fine just the way they are. This is just an excuse by the people pushing the idea to say “Look how important I am. I built this new building with $6 million dollars of other people’s money.” Where’s the business plan to justify it? How many people use the restaurant currently. It won’t go up if they don’t change the way it’s run and that needs to come first! THey’ll spend 6 mil on this and not a few thousand on a pickleball court that has 150 members clamoring for a safer facility to play on?

      A matter of fact – I think the whole board should be replaced by a professional manager.

    • I agree about not going so big as in the huge underutillized community center. I do not agree with golf going public.. I hate paying the golf fees knowing that outsiders are going to get to play our beautiful course and show it no respect.. It is getting so expensive with this Clubhouse Project that in this economy who do they think can afford it and much more eat there when done. A good bar and grill would be of greater use.

  4. why are spending money we DON’T have . They can’t fill the restaurant as it is! The Pro shop is just fine. LWW is starting to sound like the feds and state spend spend spend.
    Look what has happened to the fees since 2000 !

    • I wasn’t here in the year 2000 but I am curious. Can someone tell us what HAS happened to our fees since the year 2000?

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